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Our state of the art technology redefines the decontamination of odours, bacteria, viruses, and mould spores.


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"I met Nate with Biosweep Regina after a fire in an adjoining duplex to our rental property. After finding we had no damage from the fire but had a very strong smoke smell. Another company suggested trying Biosweep. I was a bit sceptical to say the least but Nate's confidence in his product won me over. He started at 8am one day and handed the keys back at 4pm the next day. The smell is gone completely, had to be there to believe it. Awesome job guys, very professional and will recommend when ever possible."

Steve D.

"I have a commercial revenue property that was smoked in for years by a previous tenant. Unable to rent out the unit again due to the smell, I was a little overwhelmed on how to approach the odor in such a large space. A friend of mine recommended BioSweep Saskatchewan to see if they could help me with my problem. They worked around my schedule to meet and were very professional throughout the process. The confidence that was displayed from the BioSweep team was very reassuring; they had no doubt that their treatment would be successful and I would be 100% satisfied with the results. It took less than 48 hours to complete the work and the smell is completely gone. The system works and I would not hesitate to recommend BioSweep Saskatchewan to anyone."

Brad R.

"I would like to acknowledge how happy I am with the service within the company itself as well as the product outcome! Our house we bought had been smoked in for decades and unliveable for 5 years with mice and who knows what else. And after this BioSweep treatment you would never know it was ever smoked in or a critter resort. It is such a piece of mind feeling our air quality is so much healthier bringing our family into. It was so quick and easy to coordinate everything with exceptional service. I will be highly recommending BioSweep in our journey. Thank you again! "

Shaelyn H.

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